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Roerientating torqie on the director from a field

  1. Oct 26, 2008 #1
    In a device the reorientating torque on the directer from a field can be broken into 2 parts, 1) the field interaction with the dipole which is stated by PECos theta and 2) the dielectric interaction given by d (squiggly d) e eo x E ^ 2 x Cos theta x sin theta in which P is the permanent polerisation, E is the field that is applied and theta is the angle between the field and polerisation and de is the dielectric biaxiality. show that with an appropiate choice in the sign de this can lead to a minimum in the switching time for variation in the field that is aplied. you do not have to do any mathematical analysis, and just compare the 2 torque terms.

    So for a potential solution the minimum in the switching could be due to the dielectric interaction which impedes the switching rate and depends on the electric field that is applied as well as the polerisation. any help is appreciated.
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    Re: Question

    any input is appreciated.
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