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I Sagittarius A* coordinates

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    The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy is located at Sagittarius A*.
    The J2000 position is:
    Right ascension 17h 45m 40.0409s
    Declination −29° 0′ 28.118″
    Distance 25,900 ± 1,400 ly

    How do you find the Right Ascension and Declination for other Julian Century Dates?
    Are there Keplerian Elements for the Galactic Center with time?
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    There are coordinate converters such as this one which will calculate the effects of precession and convert to coordinates for a given observation time. Do you understand the effects of precession and what such a conversion is doing? What are you going to do with the new coordinates? Your question on Keplerian Elements seems confused. Keplerian Elements are for an object in orbit. What do you think Sgr A* is orbiting around?
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