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Sign Language Interpreter Signs Gibberish at Mandela's Funeral

  1. Dec 16, 2013 #1
    Weirdly hilarious, albeit a little scary:

    http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/12/21873839-violent-sign-language-interpreters-access-to-obama-triggers-investigation [Broken]
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    Not all that funny if he and his friends suspected you of stealing a TV. Being tied up and treated to a tire "necklace" to be burned alive is not a great punishment.
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    I saw it, I don't know sign language but I noticed he was doing the same thing over and over..
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    Yeah, obviously I meant the fact he was signing gibberish and no one seems to have checked his suitability.
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    I don't find that funny at all - he detracted from an important event.
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    Jimmy Kimmel had a real interpreter interpret the interpreter. Definitely gibberish.

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    There was an interview with the guy broadcast on BBC news. Apparently he has schizophrenia. He claimed he was "seeing angels coming into the stadium" during the event, etc, etc.

    If the US security services let Obama get close to a fruitcake with a history of violence, I guess that just proves they weren't doing their job very well either.

    The company that supplied him to sign the event has apparently vanished. Maybe the angels took it away somewhere to keep it safe :smile:
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    BTW, the courts didn't prosecute him for murder along with his 2 companions for burning a couple of men alive because he was found mentally unfit for trial. How is he remotely fit to be in close proximity to world leaders?
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    You could probably make a list of "world leaders" who are mentally unfit for trial as well - and some of them might even have been leaders of South Africa in the past.
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    So, he apparently knows some authentic signs, he was just stringing them together at random. He signed, "cigarette" at least three times, apparently, which obviously could have nothing to do with anything in the speeches.

    A South African Deputy Minister said (from my link above):

    So, somehow he created the impression to non-signing people that he could sign well, and had been hired to do this before.
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    Speaking as a south african I can say that my country has always been.. lax when it comes to hiring people. Virtually every politician here is either guilty of murder, nepotism or corruption. I'm assuming they didn't vet the majority of the staff there properly to save money.
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