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Singularity and movement question

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    Hello all,

    This is a thought experiment I have been tangling with for quite some time now and still cannot find anything worthwhile on the net to determine its outcome.
    I'd like to know what happens if two singularities would collide head on. ( I know that singularites have no strict dimensions and it would be hard to let them actually collide in a pure mathematical sense but bare with me)
    If given the singularities are of same proportions (mass, velocity) would the collision create a single new singularity with zero velocity at point of impact?
    I cannot imagine them bouncing off since both would enter each others event horizon.
    Would increasing the velocity change the outcome of the collision?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Writersblock !, hi to all,

    pardon my ignorance, but, can a singularity possess a velocity other than the one it has in it's own frame of reference ? How would we be able to accelerate such a massive entity ?

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    One could use the carrot on a stick method. By using another mass that mass attracts the singularity as well as that the singularity pulls the other mass in. It would take ages to actually move a very massive object but as I said its a thought expiriment. I was wondering if a singularity's impulse would be preserved if hit by another singularity of opposite vector. I am guessing singularities when coliding have a full non elastic collision. However I am having a hard time proofing this.

    Thanks for the reply.
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