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SMB Feeding Problem Dark Matter Problems

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    There are multiple fundamental problems with the explaining or the explaining away of observations related to the mass evolution with redshift of the super massive object that is believed to be found in almost all galaxies.

    Weight Gain Problem - Early Universe

    Fast Gain Problem
    SMB's at approximately z=6 are 10^9 solar masses. To reach that mass the massive object must continuously grow at the Eddington limit in the early universe.

    Stop Eating Problem
    The most massive SMBs observed are less than 10^10 solar masses. A second problem is how to explain why the SMBs are very, very effective in mass gain and then suddenly stop growing.

    Baby SMB Problem - Local Universe
    A third problem is how does one explain our galaxy's baby 3.0 10^6 solar mass massive object based on the age of our galaxy.

    Dark Matter Bing Problem
    A fourth problem that must be explain is why does run away mass gain due to dark matter in fall not occur? Dark matter should clump around the massive SMB in the center of the galaxies. Why does it not clump?




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