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Space and Time, and your possible dissociates

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    Of all is known, the space and the time are associates for Einstein making the famous Space-time. But now I think that there is dissociates between both too because the time can't be considered a variable at the same level the space...
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    It is not clear to me what you mean. Space is a thing and time is a different thing but you have to have space-time for things to make sense. That is, you cannot explain things in cosmology as simply things that happen in space without regard to time and you can't explain them as things that happen in time without regard to space.

    Perhaps you can be more clear about what your objection to space-time is?
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    This is introductions only - no questions. Please feel free to look over our forum and decide which subforum your question would be best suited for and post it there. Please make sure that you have researched your question well and that your post does not come across as a personal theory. Be sure that you read our rules first, these are in the same email that pointed you here.
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