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Starlite and thermal barrier fun

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    Hello everyone,

    First up, I know nothing about physics. I didn't study it in high school and have read zero books on the subject since. That out of the way, let's begin. I recently read about a very interesting material called Starlite which is supposedly a remarkable thermal barrier but is presumed lost to the world because the inventor kept the formula secret and then rather inconveniently died. For more on this please read the following article from The New Scientist and watch its embedded video links:


    Since Starlite's inventor, Maurice Ward, was a former ladies hairdresser and had hinted at having discovered his remarkable product because of his hairdressing experience, I decided, along a friend who also has no scientific experience, to mix up some hair products, combine them with some other likely organic and inorganic compounds and torch the sh*t out of them. By the second evening of doing this we could replicate the famous Starlite egg test. See our video here:

    What I'd like to know from the gracious and learned members of this forum is: are we onto something or is the egg test actually not much of a big deal? Any advice much appreciated.
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    Hello Mazberpaz, welcome to the famous Physics Forums. This subforum is for brief "I'm here" introductions only. For discussions of a technical nature, this is the wrong place.

    I suggest that you repost your question to the Chemistry forum you'll see listed on this page: https://www.physicsforums.com

    You might be able to have a mentor just move the thread to that forum, if there is nothing you wish to change.

    Good luck! Are you confident that you'll be able to handle the fame?
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