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Stupid question about multinomial theorem (and Matlab)

  1. May 20, 2009 #1
    I know that there is a theorem to calculate the coefficients for a multinomial expansion, but I'm having a hard time implementig the algorithm. What I need to know is if my procedure is correct:

    [tex](A + B + C + D)^n = \sum_{i=0}^n \dbinom{n}{i} A^{n-i} (B + C + D)^i[/tex]

    [tex]= \sum_{i=0}^n \dbinom{n}{i} A^{n-i} \sum_{j=0}^i \dbinom{i}{j} B^{i-j} (C + D)^j[/tex]

    [tex]= \sum_{i=0}^n \dbinom{n}{i} A^{n-i} \sum_{j=0}^i \dbinom{i}{j} B^{i-j} \sum_{k=0}^j \dbinom{j}{k} C^{j-k} D^k,[/tex]


    [tex](A + B + C + D)^n = \sum_{i=0}^n \sum_{j=0}^{i} \sum_{k=0}^{j}\dfrac{n!}{(n-i)!(i-j)!(j-k)!k!} A^{n-i} B^{i-j} C^{j-k} D^k [/tex]

    Is that correct?

    If so, I'm trying to compute the coefficients in Matlab in the following way

    Code (Text):

    h = 1;
    for i = 1:n
         for j = 1:i
              for k = 1:j
                   coef(h,1) = factorial(n)/(factorial(n-i)*factorial(i-j)*factorial(j-k)*factorial(k))
                   h = h+1;
    so the vector coef contains the coefficients of the polynomial. What do you think? Is my approach correct or am I doing something wrong?
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  3. May 20, 2009 #2


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    Hi AiRAVATA! :smile:
    Yes, though it's normally written for an individual component:

    coefficient of AaBbCcDd = n!/a!b!c!d! (with a + b + c + d = n) :wink:

    (I don't know anything about porgramming though :redface:)
  4. May 21, 2009 #3
    not being smart but should it not be:

    Code (Text):

    for i = [B]0[/B]:n
         for j = [B]0[/B]:i
              for k = [B]0[/B]:j
  5. May 21, 2009 #4
    True, in the real code they all start from zero. Thanks for noticing though!
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