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Success Gurus

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    Someone recently sent me a TED video of Richard St John where he outlines the ideas in his book where he supposedly:


    these 8 traits are passion, focus, ideas, improve, push (whatever that is) etc - nothing earth shattering.

    So this guy interviews all these successful people and distills it down to eight (not six or ten) traits essential for success. Where is his control group? St. John never went and interviewed the 100s or 1000s of people with all the same traits as Bill Gates or Sergey Brin that are not "successes" - its an elementary fallacy of composition.

    What's funny is that these charlatans have been around along time. GK Chesterton wrote about them 100 years ago:


    He also has a great quote about the "horrible mysticism of money", i.e. the idea that there is some secret mojo to getting rich that the guru can teach you
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    Wait... wait... wait... hold it...

    You need ideas to be successful? I mean, it makes sense... I just... I had no idea!

    [PLAIN]http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/4/46928/1413875-badum_tish_super.jpg [Broken]
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    Nothing new... I mean, who doesn't know that? To be good at something, you have to like it and make a serious effort to be good at it. Ideas? For entrepreneurship yes, but not for everything.
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    In other words, he wasted 10 years of his life.
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