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Superstitious scientists

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    Who among the great scientists had rituals or beliefs that were more magical than logical? Which of the sciences claims the largest proportion of paranormal purveyors?
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    Here is a famous story. I don't know if it is true.

    An American scientist once visited the offices of the great Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Neils Bohr, in Copenhagen, and was amazed to find a horseshoe was nailed to the wall over his desk.

    The American said with a nervous laugh, "Surely you don't believe that horseshoe will bring you good luck, do you, Professor Bohr?"

    Bohr chuckled. "I believe no such thing, my good friend. Not at all. I am scarcely likely to believe in such foolish nonsense. However, I am told that a horseshoe will bring you good luck whether you believe in it or not! How can one argue with such logic?"

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