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Technological Singularity vs Zoological History

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    Fellow nerds will probably find the following blog post of great interest.

    EDIT: Removed link

    It is an alternative analysis with respect to Kurzweil's technological singularity proposal. Essentially anyone interested in topics like history in general and futuristic predictions will not have wasted their time. Although the contents of this blog are not physics related, the physicists ulam and neumann where amongst the first to note what seems like the inevitable quickening pace of development.

    Please give feedback and i will respond as best as i can.

    Zoological History:
    The accelerative growth in complexity with respect to a lineage of neural networks started around 550 million years ago and must end at latest around the year 2043

    There exists a roughly 550 million year old trajectory with accelerative growth in complexity continuously traceable with respect to a lineage of neural networks. This trajectory manifests emergent order by way of communication revolutions. These points in time form the terms of a geometric progression originating at the Cambrian explosion to verge in the future around the year 2048. Interspersed between these points is a period throughout which an ecological revolution is completed resulting in a mode of sustenance transition. The next communication revolution is due around the year 2043, but regardless of what might emerge it will not support continued accelerative growth in complexity beyond this point.
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    The technological singularity is a fallacious religious statement best summed up as an orgy of inappropriate and incorrect drawings of exponentials linked to dodgy predictions backed up by science fiction assertions. You link is to a crackpot blog that brilliantly expresses this point by trying to plot disparate and arbitrary historical events such as the Cambrian explosion and adoption of writing as well speculative predictions of cybernetic interfaces and AI with absolutely no exploration of the real reasons for these developments.

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