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Telescope to see up close to nebulas and galaxies

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    Hello all, i am beginner in astronomy and want to buy a telescope (which will be my first) but don't know much about it. i am seeking for telescope to see up to nebulas and galaxy, i found some telescope on one online site, they are-



    are these telescope able to show galaxies and nebulas ?
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    Where do you plan to observe from? Anywhere near a city?
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    I live in small town of india with small light pollution but few away km. from my house there are some places with nearly zero light pollution, so not much concerned about light pollution.
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    They are all very similar the first one 70mm aperture the other 2 are 50mm

    personally I would go for the 70mm :smile:

    the almost more important thing is... the one with the sturdiest (strongest) tripod
    There is little to be gained with really good optics on a poor tripod that wobbles and vibrates with the slighest touch

    Celestron are a good brand, they have been making scopes for a good number of years
    My current main scope is a Celestron CPC 9.25"

    I think any one of those 3 would do you well and you would be able to have a good play looking around the skies and at a later date if your astronomy interest continues to grow, then you can always look at a larger scope :smile:

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    First, I want to make sure you understand the view of nebulae in a telescope is NOT anything like the pictures you see everywhere. Other than the stars in/around the nebulae, you will see dim fuzzy objects and that's it. There will be very very little detail and almost no color in anything but the brightest nebulae.

    Still, I enjoy visual observing from time to time. Especially the planets and the moon, they are a real treat when visible, and not even a photograph can compare to seeing Saturn or Jupiter through a telescope yourself.
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    Lucky you. I have the same type of scope: Celestron powerseeker 60AZ. I can never see nebulae from my place.
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