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Tell us about something you can't forget

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    Tell us about something you can't forget and something we won't forget once you've told us about it.
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    One time, I think twelve years ago (which would be back when I was 11), Jay Leno was doing his "Headlines" segment. One of them was a restaurant ad which stated "come in and try our paved road." I also remember a headline from about that long ago, another ad which featured a salesman holding up some of his products. But if you looked very closely, you saw that the man somehow had three arms. The last arm was hard to distinguish, but once you saw it, it was most definitely a third arm. Now this clearly wasn't intentional, since the ad had nothing to do with multitasking. Somehow they had just screwed up in this most peculiar way.

    So why is it that these two things which I remember so vividly are Jay Leno headlines? I have no idea. I don't even watch Jay Leno regularly, nor am I typically a fan of comedy. I guess they just seared themselves into my memory somehow! Whether they'll have the same effect on you, I can't say.
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    One day, when I was seven. I was on an Amtrack. My view from out the window was seared into my memory. There was a 2 liter seven-up bottle laying near the tracks outside. Nothing remarkable, or emotionally interesting to anybody. But I have always remembered the scene well.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    :biggrin: That is something that we won't forget?

    Okay, now I won't.

    I remember my dad jumping and touching the ceiling while wearing his new tennis shoes. I guess for a three-year old that was pretty impressive.
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    About 15 years ago, my brother-in-law called to tell me that he had caught a "wild" and aggressive ferret in a live-trap and asked if I wanted it. Since we already had ferrets, I said that I'd come up and look at that one. It was a sweet little female, and she wasn't the least bit aggressive. When I talked to her, she came to the end of the trap and seemed to invite contact, so I opened the trap and took her out. I held her to my chest and she just curled up in my hands, snuggling in. I put her in a Carry-Kennel with food and water for the ride home, and she kept sticking her nose out at me, sniffing. I talked to her to keep her calm and reached over to touch her nose from time to time to reassure her and let her get my scent. I said "What are we going to call you?" among other things, and "Boy! you sure are nosy!", which seemed to perk her up for some reason. I picked up on that and said "I'll call you Rosie", which she seemed to like, and that's how I introduced her to my wife when I got her home. She and my wife bonded immediately. A couple of weeks later, my sister-in-law called and said that someone in the area where the ferret had been caught had posted a reward notice for a lost ferret. We had assumed that the ferret had belonged to a summer vacationer (lots of camps around that pond) and that we could keep her, but I called the number and a young woman answered the phone. I asked her to describe the ferret and she said that it was a brown sable female, with a thin healed scar near her left eye. With a deep sense of loss, I told her that we had her ferret, and she screamed to her husband and son "They've got Rosie!!!!"

    I'll never forget that.

    When they showed up, they wanted to pay us for returning their ferret, which we refused. The sight of their little boy cuddling his ferret (who slept with him every night) was too precious for words.
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    Haha, incidentally I remember you telling that story before Turbo!
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    Heh Turbo, good story :).
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