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Terran Archive of Biographies (TABs)

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    Would a site holding the life stories of all humankind gain popularity in the next decade?

    I refer to something between Mormon genealogies and Facebook creativity. I have in mind a conventional biography including diaristic flourishes, compiled from electronic records and interviews throughout our lives, yet as extensive as a celebrity's. It would encourage objectivity, seeking factual events.

    Do you think this idea could fly?
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    My first thought was who would really care that much about our lives after we're gone. After considering that, I think that what would make this popular is to use the information to power a computer algorithm that would allow a person to correspond with someone after they have passed. Responses would be based on the writings, opinions, etc. of the deceased person. The more data that you have, the more lifelike the responses. With enough video recordings, you could probably even simulate talking directly to their face. The main problem that I see right away is what is to stop someone from misusing technology like that? Especially if they were still alive?
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