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The Cheesecake factory bakery/restaurant

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    Does anyone here have one near them? I know someone who works at a new one built here in Fresno and the way he described it was just.... insane!

    1) Expect to pay about $20 a plate
    2) Employees normally walk away with $150-$200 in tips PER DAY
    3) So far the lines have been so long that they almost wrap around the building twice
    4) There is like this 400 question test every employee must score insanely high on (3 sections, first 2 require 100%, last 90%) to keep their job
    5) They waste food like crazy, if the people who walk around see even a small burn mark or something is not aligned correctly, they THROW THE FOOD AWAY (or give it to the employees).
    6) The kitchen area is like.. 150 feet wide
    7) There is NEVER a "down time"
    8) Each and every single employee gets benefits
    9) For a few weeks upon opening, the employees get $200 referall fees for finding people to work for hte restaurant.
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    Yeah, but do they serve Beefaroni?
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    No which means I'm never going to eat there.
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    There is one in Birmingham, which is about 45 minutes or so away from where I live. Great food. STEEP prices. I remember one year my ex-girlfriend's parents took us for her birthday. It was the two of us, her parents, and her younger brother. We each had an entree and a piece of cheesecake for dessert. I saw the bill when the waiter passed it to my ex's father. You guys ready for this?
    Like I said though, they have some damn good food. Service was excellent also.
    I'm just glad I wasn't paying...:rofl:
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    Yeah. They have them in NY and Chicago. Like already has been said, kind of steep prices and I never got a table without a pretty lengthy wait. Honestly, they were good, but in places like NY there are plenty of better places that are less expensive and have better food.
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    That's really not a ton of money for a waiter, especially in a nicer restaurant. You can make that much at a Denny's.
    and $20 a plate isn't bad at all.
    in fact nothing on your list seems extraordinary. Seems like your average upper-middle class restaurant. I've gone to places where I paid $20 for a drink. And I've easily tipped over $100 by myself in a few bars.
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    $20 American is still a little too steep. Why not just go the thrifty way and go to the food lot, buy several cans of black beans, and a huge bag of jasmine rice? Either that or eat the Ramen way... $0.12 meal.
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    Even McDonalds is about $7 per person. There are a few Chinese restaurants I know of around here where dinner is $25 per person. I even bought a pizza once in Chicago that cost me $45 (got ripped off though on that one)
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    We have a CF here in PA (King of Prussia). I've been to CF before, and I am not impressed. It is your typical chain restraunt-the food is always too greasy. They do have good cheesecakes, but I would rather get one from a bakery Philly. CF is expensive for the food that you get. When I was there though Terrell Owens was there eating with a bunch of his body guards.
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    There is one in Pasadena that I went to once, and I think I've seen a few others. It was a decent enough place, but as trib noted, it's par for the course as far as I'm concerned. When I was working at Downtown Disney, I paid at least $15 every day to eat lunch at the Jazz Kitchen (man, it was wonderful back when I wasn't paying rent - I can only dream of eating jambalaya, cajun chicken, and beignets on a daily basis now). I took a girl on a date there and spent over $60 just on drinks. I used to love that place. And hell, that's just Orange County The most I've ever spent was probably Nobu in New York, somewhere around $200 for three people (I didn't foot the bill for this one - get real).* The guy that did though told a great story of how he was never going back to the bar at the Soho Grand Hotel, where he paid $15 for a martini.

    All that said, I'm not entirely sure how trib managed to spend $45 on a slice of pizza. I guess it beats those suckers from The Freshman that paid 10K for fake komodo dragon meat.

    *Actually, now that I think about it, my ex-girlfriend and I managed to ring up over $200 for two people at the Iron Monkey in Jersey City, but that was for New Year's Eve and we had at least five courses, dessert, and drinks over the course of five hours or so.
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    HATE THEM!!!

    They have them here and I really do not know how they stay in business, the food is mediocre, there are always long lines, and the meal just isn't worth the wait.

    Oh, and they have the worst iced tea in the world, they have only one flavor - CHEAP PERFUME. It's the only time I had to refuse a glass of iced tea and switch to another beverage. The waiter said they get complaints about it all the time.
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    I got a CCF in Arizona, and yes, it IS GREAT! Awesome food, okay prices (~$15 for most, Most expensive was like ~$28), and the service was awesome, even answering my questions on how they organize waiting areas for equal work loads! (Computer)
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    Try going to a nice sushi bar. you can easily run up $100-$150 per person.
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    OMG. So good. The one in Rockville is to die for.

    It's in the mall (right below a Borders), so you put your name in and come back in an hour and a half if you're going around dinnertime on the weekend.

    Other times, it's only 20 minutes or so.
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    Thats for making my city look like crap haha
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    I was gonna say... and that's not even including a bar tab.
    For one of my best friend's 21st birthday we went to a nice little sushi bar, nothing fancy but definitely popular, and between the bar and the sushi I spent over $200 with most of that being my own tab.

    Anyway, I have to agree with Trib and LYN. It's not that outrageous. I've been to a hole in the wall blues club where the food and service isn't all that great but they still charge about $20 a plate. And I mean seriously $20 just for your entree and appetizers are at least $10 for the cheap ones. They started over charging for drinks too so I haven't been there since.

    As far as tips those aren't even great tips, for a place like that it's mediocre. That test... waiters at nicer places are supposed to learn the menu inside and out and be able to tell a customer what is in every dish, how it's cooked, how it's served, ect. That's not unusual either.
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    I have been there a few times, and I wasnt really all that impressed. First time I went though, we put in our name at around 4pm (this wasnt even a weekend), and we didnt get our table until 8pm. We were done eating by about 9:30 pm. Granted, I went with a bunch of my friends when I was in highschool so we didnt have drinks or anything, but still. I would say its overrated

    - harsh
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    Why are you people going to the Cheesecake Factory for meals?! The food is mediocre (like an Applebees or TGI Fridays), and definitely overpriced for the quality. You go for the cheesecake!!!!

    If you're in a touristy area, the lines are insane in those places, but if you find one just in a mall in an area of a city that isn't too touristy, the line is more reasonable. If you go for lunch, you can avoid lines. The real problem is the dinner crowd because people are crazy enough to actually go for dinner, and of course the point is to get dessert, so every table has customers lingering over dessert and coffee after the meal, so they just can't turn-over tables fast enough to keep up with the line out the door.

    Oh, the one in Cincinnati had take-out for cakes. So, you didn't have to eat there, you could just buy a cheesecake and go! :biggrin: We did that a few times for birthdays when I was there. They're expensive, but you do get a HUGE cake, and it was definitely better than the inexpensive bakeries where all the cakes taste the same.
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    I don't know what's up with peopel saying that the food isn't very good. Maybe it just depends on where you are. The one I have been to down here in facist island is pretty good.
    TGIFs are about the same on price and lesser quality(around here).

    A friend of mine who styles herself an aficionado actually hates CCF cheesecake. She swears by the cheesecake at Outback Steakhouse.
  21. Dec 6, 2005 #20
    I really don't get the hate over the food at Cheesecake. I thought they were very delicious, at least the ones I ordered.

    Different strokes for different folks perhaps.

    On a side note, the best cheesecake I ever had was Junior's cheesecake in Brooklyn. You can't miss it
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