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The Feynman YouTubes as a cultural resource

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    There are all these Feynman YouTubes. Does anybody have a full listing? Or a favorite 10 or 20 of them? Can you list them with suggestive topic names to make it easy to find one you want?

    Feynman is more than physics. I'll try to start the list

    Different ways of thinking (counting and reading vs. counting and talking)

    Thinking part 2 (brain didn't evolve to understand nature at quantum level)

    MIT frat initiation question about mirror

    Continuation, after mirror question: What keeps a train on the track?

    The difficulty of expaining magnetism (explanation in general)

    Rubber bands---world is a jiggling mess---thermodynamics

    Imagining atoms

    A cousin's trouble with algebra

    Numbers part 1---appreciating very large and small scale--astronomy example

    Part 2---continued astronomy example---neutron star (creative imagination)

    Electricity (strangeness of copper and motion)


    Light waves and vision (swimming pool analogy)

    Reminiscences about learning things from his dad
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