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The game of Microshogi

  1. May 8, 2014 #1
    I came across this very fun and interesting game called Microshogi. I will not describe the rules because they're here on wiki.


    I advise not using Japanese characters or pentagonal pieces. Just make rectangle pieces, use english letters and use a circumflex over the letters. I originated the idea of color-coding the pieces. This really improves the recognizability of the pieces. I employed the 5 color scheme of the New Paradigm Daleks.
    So much fun! I can win in one minute. Games don't last too long -- ideal for a coffee break. I want this game to be more widely known. People are missing out.

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    You're right I haven't heard of microshogi until I dropped by this thread. The game looks fun and is indeed ideal for a coffee break.
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    Thanks jmneutr0nn3 for your interest. In Chess, one commands an army. In Microshogi, one commands a squad of remarkable super-soldiers. The squad is the smallest military unit.
    For this reason, I want to know more examples of squads that come in fives and are color-coded. There are the Power Rangers. There are the New Paradigm Daleks. There is the priesthood in the movie "Beneath the Planet of the Apes".
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