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The greatest system of government?

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    For the past few years(i am 15) I have been working on a personal project where I am trying to find the most flawless form of government that is dedicated to science and knowledge that also takes into account religious freedoms.In theory it would be a philosopher king.But I found the project a little too much work. Considering I would have to take into account human nature.Dictatorship wouldn't work,same thing with democracy.But I had to take into account tyranny which autocracy derives from. I looked at nearly all government ideas I could get my hands on(overviews of it anyway). It seemed that in theory it was communism and fascism to work good(note it is not hitlerism or Mussolini or other dictators I take into account). In theory to very different ideas but in practice it seemed both failed.Fascism led to its own self destruction through war.And communism led to its failure in the state where a dictator has to transist it from its previous government into a workers paradise. free market system seemed to work the best in practice.Perhaps some sort of undemocratic capitalist nation.So tell me how is it possible to have an undemocratic government that does not lead to tyranny?and the best economic system that would go hand in hand?
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