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The Kaye effect - Leaping Shampoo

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    What do think is going on here? leaping shampoo ???

    The tube of liquid seems to enter the liquid, turn around 180 degrees just below the surface, and stream back out the way it came in.

    I'm thinking along the lines of surface tension, or EM forces, but i dont know how it would actually work. :confused:

    Oh and i found that video from here; Top Ten Laboratory Reactions, which is worth a look aswell.
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    Andy Resnick

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    That's cool. And yet, fluid/continuum mechanics is not part of the tradiational physics canon in school.

    Because it's a stable jet, there is definitely competition between viscous and surface forces (Bond number, capillary number, probably some others). But fundamentally it's due to the nonlinear nature of the flow. I should read their referenced paper....
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    I checked out that link at the bottom, and earlier today I did the experiment with the instant freezing water, I just thought I'de let you guys know that:
    1) It works
    2) Its really cool to watch.

    BTW: The superheating trick uses pretty much the same concept as the supercooling, however, I'm not brave enough for that.
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