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The ultimate traffic nightmare in Holland today?

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    Three big events cross in Holland today, that may totally disrupt traffic this afternoon.

    First of all, it's the start of the coordinated school holiday in the center of the country, which traditionally brings about a major population migration, when hundreds of thousands pull their "drag cabins" towards the sunny south, erroneously assuming that it would be warmer and drier over there. This is worth about a double normal traffic jam on the Friday afternoon.

    Secondly, the prestigeously Tour de France -also erroneously- starts in The Netherlands today, instead of France where it belongs. This means many roads blocked, not available for the drag cabin army and others.

    Third, it appears that there is some ball game going on in South Africa that makes all other people want to be in front of the television as of 4pm. So all Dutch employers have no option but release their workers early enough to be home in time. So when attempting that, they will meet the cabins herds on the roads not blocked by the French biking.

    And on top of that temperatures are rising fast as forecasted, exceeding 80F already at 10am, maximums are expected well over 90F in the afternoon.

    Seems like an excellent recipe for disaster, or?

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    :rofl: I'll be sneaking out by 2 pm in order to get home in time. I'm just hoping the railway tracks aren't overheating in this weather, that might cause some delays as well.
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    Success Monique.

    The current conditions just after noon:


    31C is 88F

    238 Km total traffic jam would be qualified as a fairly strong congestion at rush hours in the evening.



    as can be expected



    trends continuing
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