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The way we see the world is what we want

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    A few hundred years ago some astronomers where proving that the earth goes around the sun and we are not at the center of the universe, many people didn't like this, but why?
    The reason is because deep down inside the ego didn't want to hear it, it wanted to continue believing we are truly important and special. It's the same reason people buy a bigger house or car than their neighbors- to feed their ego even if it is an illusion they still need it, but how much of the world is clouded by our ego and emotions are hinden motives? Is it such a bad thing? Does anyone want to add to this?

    Lets suppose aliens exist, the universe is infinite and been going on forever and gives rise to self-aware beings, then there must be civilizations vastly superior to ours, so much so that our planet is a hole in the backyard, our technology our understanding and ability to think are all incredibly worthless by comparison and insignificant, would anyone want to believe this? What is to be gained in seeing it this way?
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    Well there's some quite popular science fiction that has this theme. Hitchhiker's Guide comes to mind right away. So I don't think the public mind is THAT opposed to the meme.
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    It is important to differentiate "fact" from "fiction" being fiction is what people want to see. Science is up for interpretations, people can really accept whatever they want; but they need to realize the tangible truth. I believe the human mind does help to shape "reality" but I do not think its ego determines the entire universe. And yes, the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a good example.

    It is very possible that aliens exist. But to say they are "vastly superior than us" seems egotiscal. I mean if life were found on Europa, it wouldn't be a massive civilization with submarines and species that have built space ships. I am not denoucning the possible status of aliens, but it may be welly possible that they are still developing too. So, I'm not sure if someone would want to believe that necessarily.
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