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News Thousands of rare documents burned in Egypt clash

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    The continued violence in Egypt is a bad sign of things to come, IMO. The loss of life is tragic. And added to the tragedy is the loss of irreplaceable antiquities. This should be a heads up to Egypt's head of antiquities to move these irreplaceable items out of harm's way. There was theft and damage at the main museum during the initial revolt. Until things stabilize, if that's even possible in the near future, it makes no sense not to move them.

    http://news.yahoo.com/thousands-rare-documents-burned-egypt-clash-192412805.html [Broken]
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    Democracy at its finest. Viva la revolucion!
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    I know how they must feel. I can't find my notebook.
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    One thing to remember, however, is the pride that Egypt takes in possessing it's own artifacts. After the 'sacking' (for lack of a better term) of greater Egypt by colonial powers over a few hundred years, having their artifacts 'home' carry great weight. For all of Mubarak's faults, he definately knew that tourism and the thousands of years of history were important to his country.

    If a British or French museum offered to store cultural artifacts in the interim I think there is potential for the gesture to be seen as an insult. How long until the region stabalizes? Years? Decades? If there is any hope of a rebuilt republican Egypt they would probably need tourism to restart in full force and gain international trust as a relatively safe place to visit. Shipping their valubles/breakables to other countries does not help that cause IMO.
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    No one said anything about shipping their treasures out of country, but it would be the smartest option. Surely if they don't trust other countries, they have safe underground vaults somewhere? Or even bank vaults? Or a less volatile part of the country?
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    Egypt has lost many of its antiques that tell of its great civilization. However, in the process of fighting for democracy, these might be unnecessary concerns. These people are fighting for their freedom. Although it is really a waste, then I think they can rebuild some of these.
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    Well, they have pyramids! These must be as secure as military grade bunkers. :wink:
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