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Time needed to empty a pressurized oil tank

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    hello everybody! i'm discussing since a couples of days with a friend of mine about an pneumo-idraulic energy storage.
    The basic concept is to pump oil when there is excess power production fro renewable energy in a direct contact fluid/to gas hydraulic accumulator, in function to pressurize the gas, and get back the energy when is needed in the night time.. the question we can't answer is: how much time it takes, lets say, 1000 liter of hydraulic oil contained ina 1meter cube round tank , to come out form a 10 mm diameter hole, form a initial pressure of 100 bars knowing that the last 100 liters will stay inside the tank? and how much power it can generate? thanks a lot!!
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    Welcome Marcobearzatto,

    Please take some time to read our rules and instructions in the e-mail sent to you which had this link to introduce yourself, but not for questions. :smile:

    Please post your question in the proper forum so someone might be able to answer you.

    Thank you.
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