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Trying to find out how exactly we find out how big the visible universe is.

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    Okay, can someone please tell me how you find how far light has traveled since the big bang. I know the answer is 13.2 billion year, and I know you can get it by using

    c / H = answer in parsecs

    Then I convert parsecs to light years and I can get the time and distance from there. But, how do you get the speed of light divided by Hubbles constant. It doesn't make sense to me.
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    What do you mean, "how do you get"? Do you mean you want a derivation?
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    You can do the division okay, as long as units are consistent; but what you get is not strictly how far light has traveled.

    It gives you the proper distance now to galaxies with a recession velocity in proper distance co-ordinates of c, which is a different thing.

    c is 300,000 km/s and H is about 74 km/s/Mparsec. The division will give you a distance in MegaParsecs of 4051, which is indeed about 13.2 billion light years.

    That this number is so close to the age of the universe is something of a co-incidence, associated with the fact that in the current epoch we have similar order of magnitudes for matter density and dark energy density (following the ΛCDM model).

    Cheers -- sylas
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