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News Turkish crowds riot over proposed shopping center

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    Nowadays, Turkish police use water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters. Local media is almost completely silent to this action. Thousands of people just using their democratic rights of protesting the destruction of a park in Taksim square. However, they are experiencing barbarous behaviors from police.

    There is a short summary of the violence by CNN International:

    This is the agenda of our government:
    http://nationalreview.com/article/348422/erdo%C4%9Fan%E2%80%99s-agenda [Broken]

    We don't want dictatorial and islamic state! We just want to live with freedom and honour, like humans. Please support our resistance against this cruelty!

    Thank you for your understanding.
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    "Everywhere is Taksim, the Struggle is Everywhere."
    "Her yerde Taksim olduğu, Mücadele Her Yerde."

    "The more you spray the bigger we get"
    "Daha sen sprey büyük bizim olsun"
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    Correct translations are:

    "Her yer Taksim, mücadele her yerde"

    "Siz sprey sıktıkça, biz büyüyoruz"

    Thank you!
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    Thanks, cryptist!
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