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Two tanks connected by a horizontal pipe

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    from Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engneers (Richard G. Rice)

    Two vertical cylindrial tanks, each 10 m high,are installed side-by-side in a tank farm, their bottoms at the same level.The tanks are connected at their bottoms by a horizontal pipe 2 meters long,with pipe inside diameter 0.03 m. The first tank (1) is full of oil and the second tank (2) is empty.Moreover,tank 1 has a cross-sectional area twice that of tank 2.The first tank also has another outlet(to atmosphere) at the bottom, composed of a short horizontal pipe 2 m long, 0.03 m diameter.Both of the valves for the horizontal pipes are opened simultaneously.What is the maximum oil level in tank 2 ? Assume laminar flow in the horizontal pipes, and neglect kinetic, entrance-exit losses.

    please show me solving.
    PS. why i can not post new topic in Engineer Forum
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    I believe that this problem is being worked in this other thread that you posted in. Do not post a question a second time if it is being worked, especially a problem that is in the Homework Help forums.

    I'm locking this thread for now. Please continue the discussion in the other original thread in Homework Help.

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