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Vastness of space and infinite universes

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    I just got done watching this show on tv. I know this will throw some of credibility out of the window automatically but please try to hear me out on this question.

    If there are an infinite number of parallel universes, then there are an infinite number of universes where our galaxy was not created. Which surely means any parallel universe could only be proved theoretically, because the vastness of space and infinite universes would mean we would never be able to find one by physical means. If we were looking out, and somehow could see into a different universe, we might see a cloud of particles that used to be our Milky Way, leaving us no evidence if the parallel universe we have spotted contains our galaxy.

    If this were the case, why are we chasing after them? And what could we learn from the existance of parallel universes in the first place?

    I am 19 and i am below a novice in physics, so if this just seems like random babbling it probably is. But if there is anyone who feels like answering and or putting me back in my place with an answer, I will be happy.
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    Re: Inquisitive

    Which show?
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    Re: Inquisitive

    I think it is called "parallel universes" on the history channel... what do you think? Do I pose a legitimate question here? If what they say is true, then ultimately all search for a parallel universe is fruitless, and the possibility of time travel is also non-existent due to the sheer grand scale of the amount of universes in an infinite multiverse, making it impossible to locate the specific universe desired to travel to.. I have to reiterate that I am speaking in idiots terms though, I have no grasp of any form of mathematical physics, which proves the existence of these universes.
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    Theories of physics don't "prove the existence" of anything. The idea of parallel universes is also a very speculative one, and there's a lot of confusion surrounding the topic and what a "parallel universe" could mean. It's certainly not an established part of physics, so don't take it too seriously.
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