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Want to blow things up but not hurt anyone.

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    i think i may possibly be the dumbest dude to hit this website, but i got some strong rare earth magnets, and ive been trying to figure out something cool to do with them, or other things such as gas, electricity that would be cool and sciency, dangerous, of course, but not 5th grade **** that you find on you tube.

    i need some ideas (and detailed instructions) for things i can do with common house hold stuff i can legally get access to. I also wonder what gravity is and can not figure that out.

    Again, only need things that no sane person should even think about doing, but nothing that is really dangerous because there is no way of knowing who could end up reading it. I assure you i am not dangerous, predominantly because i do not have detailed instructions on how to be. I am a good person. Just curious.
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    Sorry, but we don't permit these types of topics. Per the guidelines:


    Illegal/Dangerous Activities:
    Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts advocating such activities, are prohibited; such as: how to make explosives, manufacture crack, steal software, hack into the CIA, ...
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