Want to relax and be happy? Listen to Death Metal

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Each participant was played Happy or Eaten through headphones, while they were shown a pair of images - one to each eye. One image showed a violent scene, such as someone being attacked in a street. The other showed something innocuous - a group of people walking down that same street, for example.

"It's called binocular rivalry," explained Dr Sun. The basis of this psychological test is that when most people are presented with a neutral image to one eye and a violent image to the other - they see the violent image more.

"The brain will try to take it in - presumably there's a biological reason for that, because it's a threat," Prof Thompson explained.

"If fans of violent music were desensitised to violence, which is what a lot of parent groups, religious groups and censorship boards are worried about, then they wouldn't show this same bias. "But the fans showed the very same bias towards processing these violent images as those who were not fans of this music."
Interesting, but I'd rather listen to Melodic or Symphonic metal 😄


Interesting, but I'd rather listen to Melodic or Symphonic metal 😄
well you must go further to the dark side if you wish to obtain enlightenment ;)


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