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Warsaw Uprising - 70th anniversary

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    Today is a 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_uprising

    In short: underground Polish Home Army attacked Germans to liberate Warsaw in anticipation of incoming Soviet front. Despite being outnumbered and having only limited supplies they managed to fight for 63 days. Up to 200,000 people died (mostly civilians, many in mass executions), almost entire city was wiped out (partly during uprising, partly afterwards, as a German revenge). Soviet army stopped on the eastern bank of Vistula river and watched.

    One of the most tragic events of the WW2, in many ways.
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    Reading Poland's history often makes me think of this video article from The Economist:

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    Celebration is a really, really huge thing here.

    Uprising started on August 1st, at 17.00 p.m.

    That was a year ago, close to the place I was born:

    Same place, yesterday:


    (I can't find the video on youtube yet).

    A lot of fine print here, but let's take the situation at face value - this is a tribute given today to insurgents and the city. Sirens are run by the city and they are part of the official celebrations, fireworks were started by fans of Warsaw football clubs.

    Stolen from a friend of mine:


    (Kotwica was a symbol of Armia Krajowa, underground Polish army).

    These are not parts of the official celebrations - these are just small groups of people wanting to show they remember. Hundreds of such groups.

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    Not different - just more professional:

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    Such a terrible war. So very many atrocities were committed by so many people.
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