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Was Genz right about nothingness? possible stupid question

  1. Oct 16, 2012 #1
    Ok guys, first of all I apologize if this question is not worded correctly, is in the wrong section, and for any other thing that may be wrong. I am not a scientist, physics is merely a topic I enjoy learning about. So here's the situation.. I have this co-worker who fancies himself a brainiac.. and he just read Genz's book on nothingness and he tried to tell me that space (or parts of it) are completly empty and it has something to do with the higgs field. Now.. I'm pretty sure this is wrong in some way, as I thought there's no way space can actually be empty (and I'm sure this book is out of date). Has this been proven? The problem is I know he's probably wrong but I don't know how to rationally explain why I think so, is it dark matter/higgs field (are these things even relevant?) basically I'd like to know if this theory is still valid or if it's been debunked since.. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and answer this question. And please .. no flaming. Thank you
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    That looks strange.

    Depends on the definition of "empty". If "empty" is "free of particles", parts of space can be empty. If it is "free of quantum field theory fields" (like the Higgs field, for example), it cannot.

    There are no proofs in physics.

    Which theory?
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