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Watch Easy ways you can support Physics Forums

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    We are all members of an amazing community of science and math passionate people from all over the globe. However, "amazing" doesn't just happen over night or by itself. "Amazing" happens when members take pride and responsibility for the health of the community. It's like a tomato plant. The tasty fruit the plant provides does not happen by accident. The seed must be planted in good soil, have fresh water, lots of sun and be pest free etc. Only then can you enjoy the tasty fruit. At it's heart PF is only an empty vessel. PF is what you put into it. Let's put the "amazing" into it!

    Here are some basic ways you can improve and support PF

    Visit everyday and participate

    The easiest and most basic way to support PF is to simply use it. Visit every day, see what is new and reply when you have something to add. Participation is the blood in the PF veins. Quality, civility and productivity are the antibodies against any nasties that stop by.

    Link to PF on your webpage
    The best way you can promote PF is by linking to PF via your website. If you run a website, blog or college web page, consider adding a link to PF. That way visitors to your site will become aware of the awesome resource that is PF. This also works on social media profile pages.
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    I couldn't have said it better myself :smile::biggrin:
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