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Watch out, n00b about Black Holes Question.

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    Watch out, n00b about :) Black Holes Question.

    String theory and black holes...

    Hi all,

    I have a question relating the linking of string (and M-theory) with that of the idea of a black hole. I understand that force can be seen to be caused by vibrations on the strings and this these can seen to be transmitted via force particles.

    My question is this, in string theory everything is seen to be a vibration on a “string”, when matter and or energy falls into a black hole what happens to the strings themselves, are they remained untouched?

    Also, are black holes thought to span multiple dimension?


    Ryan Jones
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    That is indeed one idea put forward, but whether or not it’s right is still unknown.
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    @Gokul43201: thanks for the links, I shall read them with care :)

    @Vast: o you haen to know of any papers, refeences etc. that describe the pssability?


    Ryan Jones
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