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B We could lose electricity and satellites due to solar flares

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    Hello, all!
    I found several sources which say that humanity could be in trouble because of solar flares! Scientists said that the Earth could be hit by solar flare within the next 100 years!
    Current costs of repair in the US could be up to 2.5 trillion dollars!
    It seems like Sun will punish the Earth
    Source: Solar flare threats
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    Yes. So? This has been known for quite a while.

    Also, "the Earth could be hit by solar flare within the next 100 years!" is a bit naive. We are often hit by solar flares. What matters is how big it is. You are talking about a BIG solar flare, which is relatively infrequent.
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    you would do well to read the article more carefully, and if you are really going to quote from it,
    then you should do that accurately and not in your own words which were incorrect :wink:

    @phinds has given you a good response :smile:

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