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What a day should I go blow all my money in lottery tickets?

  1. Jul 30, 2008 #1
    Well, today was my advanced functions exam; so needless to say I was less than excited to wake up this morning. Long story short, I got a 97% on the exam (which is a big deal for someone who failed grade 11 applied math — would've got 100% too, if it hadn't been for a stupid stupid typo)...

    and once I get home, what's in the mail? a letter from neon magazine telling me they'll publish four of my poetry/flash fiction pieces on the upcoming issue.

    ?? and last week was horrible and I was in a foul foul mood.

    I guess today is making up for it haha
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    Congratulation Moe, that's great ! I remember I saw a short animation of yours on... youtube ? You did that long time ago I think. I remember I liked it :smile:
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    Well done Moe.
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    thanks! yea I'm damn excited :biggrin:

    yea I used to be into animation... "The Health Show" lol... I think 2006 I made them. And "Lessons In Human Anatomy." Seems like forever ago.

    Animation was too much repetition for me though and the process is too long: those two 10 minute animations took me months to make. I like the instant gratification of writing haha. making the voices was always fun though.
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    " should I go blow all my money in lottery tickets?"

    if its not going to be bad (you can afford it)--go for it
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    That reminds me, I've got a couple lottery tickets from June 14. They're not losing tickets until you check them, right?
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