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What are postulates and what are derived?

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    I have now understood special Relativity and now going to study quantum mechanics. But I am having hard time to understand the proofs of different phenomenas like barrier tunneling. I am also not understanding the wave function and the de-Broglie waves.
    So please anyone here could list me what are the basic postulates one has to assume in order to read-on quantum mechanics.
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    You'll probably struggle to understand either the wave function or de broglie waves if you just know the postulates of quantum mechanics. It sounds like you really need a proper textbook, or at the very least a decent set of lecture notes. There's billions of discussions of QM textbooks in the academic guidance/book discussion forum.
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    It looks to me that wikipedia is more rigorous here
    Postulates of quantum mechanics
    To that we only need to add the dynamics. This can be defined via a Hamiltonian, a Lagrangian, (if the system has a familiar classical counterpart) the correspondance rule (replace the Poisson bracket by a(n anti)commutator), or even directly by a dispersion rule or wave equation such as the Shrodinger equation.
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