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What are your interests / hobbies?

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    In spite of being a programmer / engineer, I have some life outside of work:

    First the family stuff, since I'm married with pet:



    Video of a few 0 to 100mph runs on a closed street:


    Radio control gliders:



    And being a typical male (even though 54 years old) computer games (I don't own a console though). Especially games that teach responsible driving:


    Also a Tombraider fan:

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    I play two instruments. Harmonica and Keyboard. I prefer to play blues. I also like video games, working, studying stuff like politics, philosophy, history, whatever strikes my fancy that week and generaly enjoying life.
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    Video of a few 0 to 100mph runs on a closed street:

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    I've done 0-110mph in an STi on a small one lane each way suburban residential street (25mph speed limit) of about the same length, you should be able to go much faster on a 9 second bike...

    Anyway, I like photography, cars, and watching TV shows and movies (occasionally).
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You have some beautiful shots there Jeff.

    We stay pretty busy just trying to keep up with the property and the now semi-perpetual remodeling and landscaping that started outside five years ago, and inside last year.

    I still sit down and tinker on the piano now and again, but hardly ever any more. I enjoy a little air combat [flight simulator], and did the real thing once not too long ago. My first love is inventing, which I now get to do for work at times, but every once in a while I think of something that seems worthy of investigation, so when I have some free time I look into it.

    Our place is set up almost like a private park and we love to spend time outside here at home. Of course we can't sit and enjoy the place without thinking of all the projects that we want to start, but can't right now... :grumpy:

    Tsu would be happy if she could just garden, day and night...as long as she has a kitty or two at hand. :biggrin:
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