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B What do you see at the edge of the universe?

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    If the universe is finite then there must be some farthest object or farthest place at the extreme edge of the universe. If that is true and you are standing at that place what would you see? Would you see stars in one direction and black emptiness in the other?

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    Finite doesn't mean there must be an edge.

    Prof. Leonard Susskind explains it well in this lecture:
    Start around 1h20'.

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    You've asked these types of questions before. The answer hasn't changed: the universe has no center or edge.
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    At the 'edge' of our observable universe you would only be able to see as far as the age of the universe due to the finite speed of light. So, the distance to the 'edge' of the observable universe is always determined by its age wherever/whenever you happen to be observing it.
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