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What exactly is Prince Blake prince of?

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    A planet in a parallel universe called Erthe.

    It is in all likelihood an imaginary universe which came to mind when trying to unravel the mystery behind the geometry of space and time.

    The idea behind Erthe sprung from observing the role of symmetry in an early attempt to find a useful geometry for mapping space and time..

    Erthe describes the psychological place from which the idea came while the name for the map itself I call Spiral 93, the Holy Grail Spiral of Life. Its discovery involved much more than pure mathematics but a life's journey which ironically is itself pure mathematics.

    My grandfather Edward Robert DeZurko's mathematical notes helped. He was an architect and professor who for a time could claim Albert Einstein as a colleague while working at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory.

    I spent many years in Japan teaching English and subsequently found work developing car navigation systems for a Japanese firm in Torrance, California.
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