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What is the minimum angular distance from the Sun for Venus to be visible?

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    What is the minimum angular distance from the Sun for Venus to be visible TO THE NAKED EYE?
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    Is this a homework question? If so, please post it in the homework-help section and show the work that you have done so far.
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    NOT at all!

    BTW, I think ten degrees would be to close to see, but I'm looking for a more informed opinion.
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    kaleidoscope, On Sky and Telescope's website you can search for more detailed facts about viewing Venus near the sun. Here is a report from where you may begin:

    “To the left it is Venus as photographed last evening just after sundown. It had an altitude of only 6°at sunset (lat. 38° Ν) and was visible to the naked eye. This morning i tried to locate it again (altitude 5°at sunrise from my site). Managed to photograph it (right photo), but this time it wasn't visible to the naked eye due to haze.”

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    I would think that the answer would depend upon whether Venus is nearly behind or in front of the sun, and that it would be visible sooner if behind since it would be more fully illuminated.
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