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What is the Purpose of Fitting Supernova Remnant Spectra?

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    I work as a researcher at my undergraduate institution. I have to give a presentation in a week and this question always gets me. What does learning the properties of these SNRs contribute to the overall body of knowledge? What does the scientific community gain from this knowledge?


    Edit: It might be important to know that I specifically work with mixed morphology SNRs.
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    SNR is like the particle detectors surrounding collision points at the LHC
    It is how we learn what reactions have occurred under extreme conditions and involving extreme energy.
    I am an interested bystander, not a professional researcher. I have nothing substantive to say that can help you. So I don;t want to take any more of your time. You have to prepare your talk to give in a week.

    Just take for granted that it is intensely interesting to us all, what is left behind after these monster explosions. Particularly if they have mixed morphology, that would logically be where surprises might turn up. Where existing categories do not quite work is always a place for the curious to look.
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