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What is the sense of Ehrenfest time?

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    Does that term have the real conventional meaning?

    I'm only beginning to learn chaos theory, and I would like to avoid some questionable ideas. It seems that classical quantum physics textbooks do not use this therm. As far as I understand, it is used now in some self-published/original researches. I may be wrong.

    What do specialists think about it? Thanks a lot.
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    Also interested. Do you have any "main stream" references I could review?
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    I saw this term here http://www.iqc.ca/publications/tutorials/chaos.pdf [Broken]

    It cites some arXiv thesis, and also this Springer's book http://books.google.com/books?id=Orv0BXoorFEC&q=ehrenfest#v=snippet&q=ehrenfest&f=false http://rghost.net/12934951 [Broken] Book has Synergetics label, so it is quite hard to take it without a due care.
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