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What is this and where can I find a replacement

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    The square seat (?) for the accelerometer has started to fall apart and I need to find a replacement for it. If this helps, the accelerometers are placed equidistant apart from each other, and the tester hits it - the cantilever beam - with a mallet to simulate vibration.

    Please refer to the imgur link for pictures of the device and seat.


    Thanks in advance!
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    I am not actually sure to which part you refer. Are we looking at the probe attached to the beam, or one of the boxes below it?
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    Hi Dave!

    Sorry if the image was a little confusing. I've attached a link to another picture showing what I'm talking about.


    The accelerometer (the grey box with a white wire coming out of it) would normally be held securely in this seat. But the seat, as you can tell, is falling apart and isn't serving its intended purpose anymore.

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    Looks like an adhesive. A filled epoxy most likely. You can try some consumer grade epoxy from the local hardware store. The 5-minute curing time stuff is somewhat flexible which may be an advantage since the beam is flexing. The 24-hour stuff is stronger but less flexible. The strongest I've found is J-B Weld which is iron filled. For this application with moving parts, cleanliness is mandatory if you want it to stay attached. Be sure there is no trace of oil or loose material on the bonding surfaces.

    You could consider supporting the cables from the accelerometers. As it stands the full cable weight is trying to remove the accelerometers from their post.
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    The accelerometers and the cables arranged as shown could be changing the response characteristics of the metal strip . The experimental results obtained could be unreliable as a consequence .
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    Found it. Thanks for all your help!

    https://store.bksv.com/accelerometer-accessories/191-small-mounting-clips-set-of-100.html [Broken]
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