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What is your favorite movie(s)?

  1. Aug 24, 2008 #1
    What is your favorite movie(s)?


    -Spirited Away (yes it's a "cartoon", yes the characters' eyes look like saucers, yes it's the best movie of all time)
    -GoodFellas (humorous (in a twisted way), good story, great acting/directing)
    -The Shawshank Redemption
    -Princess Mononoke
    -Dr. Strangelove
    -Back to the Future
    -Lord of the Rings (all three)
    -Forrest Gump
    -Raiders of the Lost Ark
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    The Miracle Worker...


    The Beguiled
    Being There
    Forrest Gump
    My Fair Lady
    It's a Wonderful Life

    The Crucible...

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    Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke from your list.
    Toroto not on your list :bugeye:
    Toroto is mine best among these three!
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    I think Spirited Away is the best. I watched it on a saturday morning on t.v right after waking up with no previous knowledge of the movie/studio ghibli, so I didn't have high expectations and didn't even know what to expect. To be honest, I'm not even sure why I like it so much. I think I do but I won't say it as I'll probably end up sounding stupid. For some reason, if you watch a movie with no previous knowledge of it, it's a lot better than if you had watched it with some background knowledge of it. I wish I had watched other studio ghibli movies the same way...
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  6. Aug 24, 2008 #5
    I found Spirited Away very inspirational (Every single scene of it is interesting and enjoyable).
    Princess come second (but it had a really strong hidden message).

    But, I really loved the Toroto setting, people in that village and their lifestyles (it was bit boring though).
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    Chi Meson

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    Thanks to having three young ones, I have just discovered Myazaki.

    I saw Nausicaa way back in the 80s, but it was the butchered dub version ("Warriors of the Wind" it was called). I saw Totoro with my kids because it was recommended by Netflix, and loved it. Now we've seen Kikki, Spirited Away, Porco Rosso, Laputa, and Howl's Moving Castle.

    Mononoke is not for kids. I previewed it on Youtube.

    My 5-year-old likes to watch them with the original Japanese audio. The kids prefer Totoro, but I think Spirited Away is Myazaki's best. Howl's is also really good.

    But, my all time favorite movie is Brazil.
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    The settings of Whisper of the Heart and Howl's Moving Castle were the best. Settings are part of what makes Studio Ghibli movies great; after watching them, you start to wish you lived in a place like the movie's. The music in those movies is also wonderful.

    The setting for Spirited Away was great also. I didn't think Spirited Away was exactly inspirational tough; what I really liked about it was how the main character's carefree, impatient, steadfast mindset (mindset that almost every kid in the world has) changes as the movie progresses, as mine did after I watched the movie. Hayao Miyazaki himself said that he decided to make the movie (even though he wanted Princess Mononoke to be his last) because he was inspired by the personality of his friend's daughter, whose personality was just like the main character of Spirited Away. Thank God for that little girl and him deciding to make the movie.

    -- Like I said I don't really know why I love the movie so much but I think it's because of what I said above. I hope I didn't sound stupid...

    Yeah, but the last hour of the movie was... not was I was expecting. It seemed like it meandered away from the plot in the last hour, though I heard it was because the english version did not carry over well from the original (I have only seen the english version).
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    The first film clip is awsome.
  10. Aug 26, 2008 #9
    I know: there isn't even real dialog; and yet I cannot look away. The whole film is very engaging like this; though this scene most especially.

    It just goes to show: if you are determined, you can succeed; and if you truly believe in the work that you do--that what you are doing is truly altruistic--then the love that you give in doing your work, will ultimately shine through.
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  11. Aug 28, 2008 #10
    The amount of Studio Ghibli discussion in here just makes me so happy. :) My favorites are probably Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Whisper of the Heart, Spirited Away,... you know what? I like them all! I actually can't really choose between them, they are all such fantastic movies! (GO Hayao Miyazaki!)
  12. Aug 28, 2008 #11
    Fight Club
    Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels
    Boondock saints
    The matrix (only the first one really)
    saving private ryan
    pulp fiction

    so many great ones!
  13. Aug 28, 2008 #12
    -Jungle book
    -A beautiful mind
    -Motorcycle diaries
    -What dreams may come
    -Dead poets society (probably my fave)
    -Green mile (the saddest film ever!!)
    -An inspector calls
  14. Aug 28, 2008 #13
    -One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    -To Kill a Mockingbird
    -Once Upon a Time in the West
    -Mississippi Burning
    -The Dairy of Anne Frank
    -Schindler's List
    -Seven Days in May
    -White Heat
    -Killer Tomatoes:wink:
  15. Aug 28, 2008 #14
    Boondock Saints
    The Professional
    The Dark Night
    Band of Brothers(not a movie but still fricken awsome, probably my favorite)
    The Matrix (first one)
    Die Hard
    Kill Bill 1&2
  16. Aug 28, 2008 #15
    I am praying to God you are not a nuclear physist.
  17. Aug 28, 2008 #16
    You all seem to like good movies, with the exception of that Spirited Away movie which Is aw once and was just too weird to figure out..

    Personally some of the lesser known movies amongst my favourites are:
    Dark City (with a youngish Kiefer Sutherland and Richard O'Brien)
    A Scanner Darkly (Amazing Phillip K. Dick story with awesome cel-shaded effects)

    The Thirteenth Floor isn't bad either and obviously I like all other great action/crime/war films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Die Hard, all of Tarantino etc.

    Try to post some lesser known ones because otherwise a lot of the lists contain the same films and most people have already seen them and it would be cool to find some awesome movies I haven't yet seen :P
  18. Aug 28, 2008 #17
    :surprised:surprised:surprised:surprised Do you have any sense of art/creativity???
  19. Aug 28, 2008 #18
    Why is that? I'm hoping that your not a physicist at all, since if you were you would probably be an atheist and could spell physicist correctly.

    Dark City is a really good movie, and I think better than the Matrix in terms of that philosophy factor. The alien guys that make that clicking noise is kind of strange though.
  20. Aug 28, 2008 #19

    Chi Meson

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    To be fair, anyone who liked "A Scanner Darkly" has got to have some sense of creativity. But I find it odd that after that, one would find anything else "too weird to figure out."
  21. Aug 28, 2008 #20
    Hey, Topher925. he was making a joke. I think you need to quit watching all those violent movies. It has obviously made you combative.
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