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When is an element of a finitely generated field extension algebraic?

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    Hungerford says that
    But if we take K = ℝ and [itex]K(x_{1})[/itex] = ℝ(i) = ℂ, we have that i is not in ℝ yet is algebraic over ℝ. Guess I'm missing something here. Is it that this need not be true for simple extensions if the primitive element is algebraic over the field?
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    Hungerford's x_i's are supposed to be indeterminates, i.e. they're transcendental over K by definition (essentially).

    When you write down "i" you're implicitly thinking of a complex number that satisfies the polynomial x^2+1 - i.e., you're not thinking of an indeterminate.
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