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Where photons will stop being themselves !

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    I am new on this forum and would you please excuse me if this is off topic, I do not dare opening another thread for my silly question:
    I'm puzzeled by the electromagnetic spectrum when going to lower fequencies.. Is there a point where it is not photons anymore ?
    For example red light=photons, infrared= photons, microwaves= photons right? Radio waves photons? Very Low Radio Frequencies, photons?, And what if I shake a magnet in an alternative 1Hz move.... Do I still create photons ? :rolleyes:

    Jacques D Paris France
    Thx to your old folks for coming :wink:
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    Meir Achuz

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    Yes, but the photon energy would be so low that there will be so many photons that you wouldn't notice the quantization.
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    Does anyone know the lowest energy (frequency) at which individual photons can be counted?

    I think microwave (300 MHz (3 x 10^8 Hz) to 300 GHz (3 x 10^11 Hz)) is the lower bound, but I'm not sure how far down into the band detectors can function.
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