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Which of the following is a chemical reaction?

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    I am confuse here.Here is another question from my test.

    Which of the following is a chemical reaction?

    I.A piece of gold is being heated to melt it
    II.A ball is being blown
    III.A piece of paper is burnt
    IV.A piece of sodium is out into a beaker of water

    A.I and II
    B.III and IV
    C.I,II,and IV
    D.I,II,III,and IV

    I am absolutely clueless about this question.Can a good samaritan help out here?
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    Type in "chemical and physical changes" at your favorite search engine. That should give you mucho leads, including the differences between the two.

    Best of luck.

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    What is a chemical reaction defined as? What is a physical change defined as? The answer is quite simple if you know the definitions, if not its more complicated.
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