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Why didn't they use the name Susan?

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    "Why didn't they use the name Susan?"

    "Lindsay Lohan wants $100M over E-Trade ad"

    "Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said the actress has the same single-name recognition as Oprah or Madonna"


    Here's one that will go in the "How self-centered are some people?" column.
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    Re: "Why didn't they use the name Susan?"

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    Re: "Why didn't they use the name Susan?"

    Don't EVEN get upset about it. She's just trying to keep her name in the news. "Bad publicity is better than no publicity."
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    Re: "Why didn't they use the name Susan?"

    She'll win the case, but she still won't be happy with the outcome: she'll find that Etrade was right and her name isn't worth as much as she thinks it is!
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    Re: "Why didn't they use the name Susan?"

    How? This lawsuit seems as frivolous as it could possibly be. Susan Sarandon should sue them for suggesting her name. She could say "Why did you suggest Susan as an alternative and not Leroy?" Then I'll have to get involved and complete madness will ensue.
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