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Why does it say no questions ?

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    Hi All
    I am new here , the very 1st time.
    I have 2 kids: 14 yrs old, and at times they come to me for finding solutions to their Math and physics school issue. I try to help him, but at times I too am foxed and and would like to vent my queries to someone.so I searched this forum. But this forum categorically mentions , never come for homework or questions. so am I at the wrong place altogether here ?
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    Have you just asked a question? :smile:

    You see "here" is New Member Introductions, and over there ➡➡➡ is for technical questions. The forum is neatly divided into many subforums according to subject and level, so by placing your question in the right place you will have the best chance of catching the attention of those best-placed to give you a good answer!

    Our homework subforums are specially set up to give help with homework, look for them on our home page. Make sure you read the rules before plunging in, the rules are designed to streamline the helper-helpee interaction so everyone benefits. In your first few posts it would be helpful if you do mention that you are helping with your children's homework.

    Good luck with your kids' studies. :smile:
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    Thank you Mentor !
    most of the times I am able to help and show them what needs to be done, but @ times I get foxed too ( its around 33-34 years that I last visited the topics). Mind's a little rusty with age now :)
    YES, I will abide by the guidelines you mentioned & thanks for easing it out here for me .
    To be Contd. (very much :)
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    and Now for a proper Introduction :)

    I am 47 years , working in the IT sector in the Netherlands. I have twins (14 yrs old) they are in the 'science stream' of their school.
    what I see is, at school, the teachers do not take 'enough pains' to explain the rudiments to a class of 30 pupils. of-course it is also upon the students to raise their hands and ask the rudiments involved. but I notice that in the 'puberty phase' kids do not want to ask objective questions by raising their hands because they think 'its NOT cool' & it makes them ""look dumb"" in front of the others :(
    its a knife that cuts both ways, teachers do not exert their best and neither do students extract the best out of the deal. so I am their mentor at home ;p (finally, it could be that its just my kids here ..blechh..)...As for me I do not 'thirst' for knowledge at this age (ahem)..but I want to guide the guys and at least make them interested for the knowledge that is available out there.They are in the running. and in return I get to see a few more things and brush up my aging brain cells..while adding to the philosophy : every day is an education. I think I have wasted enough lines here and hopefully it's a nice beginning for a fruitful relationship here on this forum. Logging out now. cheers
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