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Why does our universe/dimension follow the laws that it does?

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    Why does "our" universe/dimension follow the laws that it does?

    Why does nature follow the principals that it does? say there is no God, why are the parameters and laws/constraints of the universe the way they are. Why do they exist? they didn't just come about, why are they the way they are? or can this even be explained or answers. Is the best answer "it just is the way it is" is there any explanation for why the universe follows laws such as gravity, friction, momentum, entropy and a million others. It doesn't seem as though it is total chaos to me these laws are in perfect harmony with each other, balancing one another out like a system or program. Any links or ideas/theories you have offer please tell.

    Thank you
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    Re: Why does "our" universe/dimension follow the laws that it does?

    We don't know and probably cannot know why. Science does not answer "why" questions, it answers "how" questions.

    The possibility that they "just came about" exists just as the possibility that there is another reason, or even that they have always existed.

    The ONLY answer we can give is that we don't know.
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    Re: Why does "our" universe/dimension follow the laws that it does?

    Thank you Drakkith. I don't know is the best scientific answer i can expect it seems, leaves room for improvement. I guess "why" questions we'll just have to leave to the theologians.
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